Mongolia, one of the last untouched travel destinations of the world. Within a short amount of time, one can travel from the majestic western Altai mountains into the lush valleys and green steppe of central and eastern Mongolia. A quick journey south takes you into the expansive Gobi Desert. A little north and you are surrounded by forested mountains and great lakes. Ask any Mongolian, they won’t hesitate to proudly boast about their country’s blue sky, crystal lakes and golden desert. Mongolia’s ever-changing landscape provides any visitor with innumerable-breathtaking views and panoramic photography opportunities.

Traditions of the past are still practiced today on the steppe by its peoples. Mongolia, being one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world, is inhabited by the skilled Kazakh Eagle hunters in the west, the reclusive Reindeer Herders in the north, and the hardy nomadic herders living in yurts sprinkled throughout the countryside. All of these groups hold a tradition of legendary hospitality dating back to the time of Genghis Khan.

Barbara Expedition to Mongolia

February 25th 2019 – March 10th 2019

Day 1 Arrival in Mongolia Ger camp
Day 2 Archery Day and Traditional Music Ger camp
Day 3 Flight To Nomadic Family Personal ger (yurt)
Days 4-5 Days with Nomadic Family Personal ger (yurt)
Day 6 Flight to Bayan-Ulgii and School Speech Activity
Day 7 Women Carpet Makers Activity
Days 8-9 Days with Eagle Hunter and Huntress Personal ger (yurt)
Day 10 Domestic Flight back to Ulaanbaatar Ger Camp
Day 11 Domestic Flight to Murun town (Reindeer area) Personal ger (yurt)
Days 12-13 Days with the Reindeer Herders Personal ger (yurt)
Day 14 Domestic Flight Back to Ulaanbaatar Ger Camp
Day 15 Full Final Day Ger camp
Day 16 Departure  
This 14-day expedition, curated for Barbara Hillary, will have her visiting three different groups of people, all with unique cultures, in rural Mongolian winter. She will visit an extremely rural nomadic Mongolian family whose lives are being devastated by climate change and the changing ways of their country.

After making her way west, she will spend a day with an all-female team of Kazakh rug makers. Barbara will then visit the the örst Eagle Huntresses, where Barbara can learn about the huntress’s struggles as well as the Kazakh tradition of hunting with a Golden Eagle. Lastly, she will visit the Reindeer Herders in the far north and learn about their dying culture.